Femdom nurse medical humiliation and torture movies: cock and balls torture, toilet slave degradation and anal domination!

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Rubber Nurse welcomes you to its medical domination movie and image archive. Here you shall see beautiful and sadistic rubber nurses treating male slaves to cruel CBT torture, cock teasing, anal insertions and pissing humiliation! The first part of this site offers a full length femdom nurse video, broken down ino downloadable clips. Screen captures on this preview page depict the bizarre plot: the movie starts off with a gorgeous blonde nurse getting a rubber patient ready for cock and balls torture. Her masked medical slave is tied down to an examination table, his balls bound to his toes. The cruel nurse grabs the scrotum ropes and gives them brutal tugs, producing the music of painful cries and moans. Still, her patient is at the same time excited by this vicious genital torture; the femdom doctor takes notice of his hard dick, and decides to tease her victim a bit. You shall nto fail to notice the delicacy of her wanking technique: her touch is feathery light and jerking almost feline in motion and exquisitely soft! The nurse goes further and builds the victim's excitement by erotic hand-smother and asphyxiation. Anal insertion comes next: the rubber slave is forced to blow a huge rubber cock before it is slammed to the hilt up his asshole! The rubber slave is commanded to put his legs high up in the air; it's more comfortable for the nurse to explore the depths of his anus this way! For maximum discomfort and pain, she even hand-crushes his balls while viciously sodomizing his ass at the same time. Finally, the patient is told to roll over on his belly and jerk off, while the femdom nurse keeps brutally ploughing his asshole! Right, let us see the rubber nurse photos on the next preview page now...

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